Fantasy Football Players Bank Big!

Many Fantasy Sports Sports fans are finding big success with some of the big Players in Fantasy Sports including Fanduel and DraftKings. While Yahoo and ESPN are great places to have fun playing Fantasy Football, players are realizing the huge potential to play for money.

Is It Legal To Play Fantasy Sports For Money?

Yes it is. The following is quoted by Wikipedia.

In most US states, fantasy sports (including daily fantasy sports) is generally considered a game of skill and therefore not considered gambling. However, some states, such as Arizona, Montana, Louisiana, Iowa and Vermont, either use a more restrictive test of whether a game is one of skill or have specific laws outlawing paid fantasy sports.

So You may have read about the recent fame of guys who have been pulling in 6 figures monthly from Fantasy Football and Basketball. While everyone who plays isn’t going to pull in that kind of money, there are quite a few people that treat Fantasy Sports as their job and make a comfortable living from it. If you are the casual player who just wants to see if you can win a coupe hundred bucks in a night while watching your favorite teams duel it out, then that’s fine too.

Is FanDuel the Best place to signup?

After comparing the payouts, and the fact that you can play a fantasy sports game for a single day, FanDuel takes the cake hands down as the best place to play. Here are some of their features in the video below on drafting a team.

How does FanDuel Payout?

Once you login to your FanDuel account you can seamlessly withdraw the desired amount of funds you like. You can choose between an automatic payment to Paypal or get a check by mail.

In Conclusion

    1. It’s super easy to get started playing Fantasy Sports through FanDuel, you can even practice before committing to any deposit.
    2. Drafting your team is a breeze and only takes minutes unless of course you plan on doing some heavy research on each player.
    3. Tons of people are already making cash with strategies in Fantasy sports, and it’s a fun way to raise the stakes on games you enjoy watching already.